White Line Projects is a London-based curation studio founded by curators and exhibition makers Fiona McKay and Xenia Capacete Caballero.

Working internationally, we design and produce a range of outcomes from exhibitions to installations, digital experiences and content creation. We also lend our experience to archives on both the digitisation process and museum practices.

WLP works with brands, cultural institutions and private clients to develop and produce exciting but elegant results that engage with audiences and enhance their experiences. At WLP Studio, we collaborate with a network of creatives from different disciplines that facilitate a creative result to meet the client's brief.

Clients include University of Westminster, Roca London Gallery, British Council, Centre for Fashion Enterprise, Dress and Textile Specialists, Invaluable.com, Baluba, ThinkHouse PR, P1.CN, Amy de la Haye, The National Gallery and London College of Fashion, the Portuguese Embassy London, and Central Saint Martins Museum.


"We were really happy with the creative solution that White line Projects created and installed for our stand at Best of Britannia 2014. It encapsulated all the elements on our wish list and showcased the products of the fashion designers we support in a way that was impressive, authoritative and compelling and in line with our brand values”

Judith Tolley  - Manager, Centre for Fashion Enterprise



- Roca London Gallery

- Dress and Textile Specialists

- ThinkHouse PR

- Centre for Fashion Enterprise

- The British Council

- P1.CN

- Professor Amy de la Haye at Fashion Space Gallery

- The National Gallery and London College of Fashion 

- Portuguese Embassy London

- Centre Saint Martins Museum

- Centre for Sustainable Fashion and Marks & Spencer



- Articles on Fashion and Design History for online auction Invaluable.com

- 'Experiential Symposium. Memories Last Longer Than Things' Panel discussion. London College of Fashion, 2017.

- 'Visualising the Fashion Space' lecture and workshop. London College of Fashion, 2017

- Art History Careers conference, University of St Andrews, 2016

- LFW Panel Discussion on British Fashion and East London, London, 2016

- 'Fashion Intersections' conference, London College of Fashion, 2016

- UAL Panel Discussion on Curation & Entrepreneurship, 2016

- 'The Independent Fashion Curator' lecture. LCI Barcelona – FelicidadDuce Moda, Spain 2015

- 'Innovative Practices in Fashion Curation', lecture and workshop. Southampton University, 2014

- Digital Fashion Conference, London College of Fashion, 2013

- 'Flight: Drawing Interpretations' symposium, London College of Fashion, 2013

- Showroom Publication Vol. II - The Vintage Showroom, 2013