MUNDO LATINX - Fashion space Gallery


Client: Fashion Space Gallery


White Line Projects were approached by Fashion Space Gallery to propose and curate an exhibition for their space at London College of Fashion: Mundo Latinx, opening 8 February - 4 May 2019.

The exhibition aimed to communicate the diversity of the Latin American experience through various cultural and artistic expressions, framing the body as a starting point. It also explored how Latin American artists represent their cultural and political identity, both within their own countries and within their diaspora communities abroad.

The exhibition was accompanied by an events programme involving the exhibited artists, members of academia and industry and most importantly, the Latin American community in London. It expanded upon some of the topics explored within the exhibition through a series of workshops, panel discussions, curatorial tours and an Instagram Takeover by the artists.

The exhibition includes work from José Ballivián, Hugo Canuto, José Castrellón, Sabrina Collares, Lucía Cuba, Carla Fernández, Jahel Guerra Roa, Guerxs, Natalia Iguíñiz, Diego Moreno, Lena Mucha, Brechó Replay, Silvia Röthlisberger/Latin Elephant, Dorian Ulises López Macías, John M. Valádez, Veteranas & Rucas and Adam Wiseman.

Press highlights included articles by: Document Journal, Evening Standard, British Journal of Photography, Wonderland, TANK Magazine, Dazed Digital, Another Magazine, Aesthetica Magazine, i-D, Click HERE to download the full Press and Social Media Highlights.

Click HERE to download the exhibition’s guide.


Graphic Design: Studio Rejane Dal Bello

Research Assistants: Natalie Tilbury and Renan Kawano Rodrigues

Indigenous Worlds. Representation and Inclusivity within Fashion.

Panel Discussion chaired by Dr Elizabeth Kutesko, with fashion designers Laura Laurens and Curtis Oland.

London College of Fashion. February 2019

In Conversation with Lucia Cuba: On Fashion, the Social, and Other Counter-Wearable Narratives.

Talk chaired by Dr. Lara Torres with fashion practitioner Lucia Cuba.

London College of Fashion, April 2019.